Japanese Dictionary

Introducing one of the easiest Japanese dictionaries with over 175,000 words with translations in seven languages.

Start with the free version which includes over 30,000 common words or pay to upgrade and unlock the full 175,000 word dictionary, including technical, academic, scientific words as well as special words that may not be found in every-day conversational Japanese.

Easy to use with simple gestures:
– Swipe to view the Furigana (readings) for Kanji, or
– Tap to hear the pronounciation in Japanese

When you pay to unlock the full dictionary, you’ll get access to Japanese translations of:
– English: 175,000 words
– Spanish: 33,000 words
– French: 15,000 words
– Italian: 40,000 words
– German: 110,000 words
– Russian: 7,000 words
– Dutch: 25,000 words


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  • The Japanese government published a list of the 1,945 most commonly-used basic kanji in 1981 and is freely available. This database contains 27 seperate descriptions (cells) of each basic Japanese kanji which cover such fields as classification, frequency of use, number of strokes, pronunciation, etc.
  • The KANJIDIC2 dictionary files licensed from The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v3.0 licence.
Japanese Dictionary
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