Compound Interest

This Compound Interest, Savings and Loan Calculator helps you estimate:

– What money you’ll have if you save a regular amount
– How compounding increases your savings
– The difference if you save extra instalments
– How much your loan repayments will be
– How you might be able to repay your loan sooner

Project Express

Project management for home and work – with Project Express, anyone can easily create and manage projects on an iPhone or iPad. It’s quick to schedule and manage your tasks. Update the progress of your tasks at anytime away from your desk such as when you’re in a meeting or in transit.

Easter Egg Friends

Match the Easter Eggs with their egg friends of the same colour and pattern! Pass each level to unlock even more levels – the game become more challenging with each level.

Kanji Essentials

A quick reference guide for learning the 1,945 General-Use Kanji officially documented by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

Kana for Beginners

A quick reference guide for learning Hiragana and Katakana, diacritics and digraphs.